Natural Touch Massage

A general relaxation massage, focused on relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation, reducing stress and improving skin and muscle tone. It includes a combination of long gliding strokes, kneading, percussion, vibration, and friction strokes, along with muscle stretches to leave the body feeling completely relaxed and elongated.

30 Minute - $55.00                 60 Minute - $80.00

                          90 Minute - $110.00

Hot Stone Massage

This massage increases a deeper state of relaxation. Basalt stones, which are made from volcanoes, are heated up to 120 degrees and are used to massage the body, along with Swedish massage strokes. This heat penetrates into muscle tissue, melting away tension, and allowing deeper muscle tension to be released. Heated river rocks are used throughout the massage to warm and loosen tight muscles while melting away tensions.

60 Minute, Full Body - $95.00

Back to Basics

This service is a refreshing back treatment that starts with a dry brushing to exfoliate dead skin.  While using steam and a light massage the therapist applies a raw sugar and oil solution. Once that is removed with warm towels, the treatment is finished with a soothing back massage.

45 Minute - $80.00


Stretch Yoga Pose

Stretch Massage

This service is performed while you are fully dressed.  It combines the latest stretch techniques with relaxation inspired by yoga and meditation.  This is a stand alone treatment that increases mobility, flexibility, and blood flow and helps improve muscle function.   You should come dressed in loose fitting or athletic clothing and drink plenty of water prior for maximum benefits.

45 Minute - $70.00        

Mother-to-be Massage

For expectant mothers, massage is a wonderful experience for your delicate condition. Pre-natal massage promotes circulation and alleviates joint, neck and back discomfort. This is a wonderful experience for your delicate condition. You should be past your first trimester in order to receive a massage.

30 Minute, upper body - $60.00              60 Minute - $85.00



Sinus Massage

The use of a cleanser, a scrub and then massage this service is a relaxing experience.  With the use of Eucalyptus scented towels this massage is designed to relieve sinus pressure or headache due to allergy or colds

30 Minute - $60.00

Soothe the Sole

You can relax while the therapist treats you to a "facial" for the feet, Cleanser, Exfoliation, Cooling mask and Massage

45 Minute- $70.00



This is an alternative therapeutic treatment based on the idea that areas of the feet are connected to other areas of the body.  According to reflexology, pressure applied to the right reflex points can correct problems with correlating body parts and organs.  When pressure is applied to the reflex point on the foot, it can improve functioning.

45 Minute - $70.00        



Lymphatic Massage

This massage has a very light pressure because the lymphatic system is close to the surface of the skin.  The therapist will use specific techniques to move fluid around the body more effectively.  

45 Minute - $70.00


Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist uses  cups  to create suction. Cupping helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being.  Also, useful in lymphatic drainage which works with UltraSlim.

45 Minute - S70.00