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Brown Cosmetic Mask

Spa Facials

Check out our Spa Facial services below to see which would be right for you!

Facial Massage

Essential Facial Massage

This facial is designed to stimulate blood circulation, promote relaxation and improve the appearance of your skin.  This hydrating facial is good for all skin types.  The use of steam helps the cleanser, scrub and a mask absorb into and hydrate the skin.  The face and neck massage add to this relaxing experience.  You will leave with a soft, beautiful, glowing complexion.

45 Minutes - $85.00

Sinus Massage Facial

This facial is designed to help relieve sinus pressure/headache due to allergies or colds.  It cleanses the skin with the use of steam while simultaneously clearing the sinus cavity using massage techniques at various focal points to release fluids and pressure from the sinus cavity. 

45 minutes - $85.00

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