Natural Touch Classic Facial

This is the "Classic" facial including warm towels, using steam to prepare the skin to receive all the benefits of this massage facial =. Products used are selected based on your skin type and expectations. 

(This facial is customized for all skin types)

30 minute- $50.00

60 minute - $75.00


Chemical Peel

This treatment is a "quick trick" to resurface the skin.  Our Therapist will use a Glycolic or other natural, gentle acid to help remove the top, sun-damaged layer of dead skin. This helps to stimulate the production of collagen. This treatment is an add on to any one of our facials. (For best results this treatment should be done in a series)  

30 minute Classic - $65

60 minute Classic - $95

60 minute Deluxe - $115

Deluxe Facial

This is our 1Hour Classic Facial with the added attention to the decolletage (neck and chest area).   This is the area that often gets neglected and shows the first signs of aging.  Give it special attention with this Deluxe Facial.

60 minute  $90.00

Sinus Facial

With the use of Eucalyptus this facial massage is designed to relieve sinus pressure or headaches due to allergies or colds

30 minute - $50